16 hours cleaning day FOR FREE! Whole house cleaning! 🧽


We cleaned my follower´s home for free! Clean with me whole house! Cleaning tips and satisfying makeovers.
💗 List of products and tools: https://www.amazon.com/shop/aurikatariina
💗 TikTok and Instagram: https://linktr.ee/Aurikatariina


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  1. Some people just want other clean for their mess ,otherwise ,they decline about the cleaning ,so they want help cleaning for them ,sad stories ,I was watching her vlogs ,I found people who has the problem like are either single or couple

  2. Please don’t keep your bunny a prisoner in a tiny cage. Just because rabbits don’t show their emotions like humans, does NOT mean they are happy! Would you be happy trapped in a tiny cage? No, you wouldn’t! — If you can’t take proper care of your pet by letting them be free, don’t have them!

    Is obviously different, if the bunny was in the cage only while the cleaning to keep her calm. Even then there should have been a hiding place, but there is non. Pets are not toys, they have feelings too!

  3. This video was very different from your other videos, seeing you explain things and what you use was very helpful and very good to see, thank you. I bought my first scrub mommy and squeegee and it is so great, you make cleaning fun! Your videos are inspiring! Love it.


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